Privacy policy

Choc-An Inc. is very motivated to protect the information transmitted to it via the Internet and is very respectful of your privacy. Choc-An Inc., takes all internationally recognized means to comply. This Privacy Statement is the basis of our privacy policy. By using the Choc-An Inc. website, you agree to abide by the practices described in this privacy and security statement. Choc-An Inc. requests its customers-browsers to purchase its products and / or possibly, showing an interest in the registration of a contest, to provide us with the following information: name, address, email and , if you agree, additional information. The information submitted by you. we store them on our website. You may choose not to submit certain information but this refusal may limit you to taking advantage of some of our services. Among other things, we use the selected data to better respond to your requests.

Information gathered automatically:
We collect and store certain information when you contact us. As is the usual practice with other websites, we use "cookies" which allow us to obtain certain information when your browser navigates on our site.

Sharing information received:
Choc-An Inc. will not share with any unrelated third party any information obtained without obtaining your approval. This information is read and used only by us (our site). This information allows Choc-An Inc. to open an account on your behalf, to work on your order, to contact you in the event that you win a contest and therefore improve the relationship with you . Also, send you more information about our products. Choc-An Inc. wishes to inform you that its advertisers can not access your confidential information. In addition, Choc-An Inc. does not distribute the list of its Internet customers. Only employees and official representatives of Choc-An Inc. may have access to your file in connection with their administrative duties. If you choose to use PayPal to pay for your order, you will have to disclose your credit card number directly to PayPal and their privacy policy will apply to this process.

Private life
Choc-An Inc. has implemented state-of-the-art measures to protect you from theft of your information and these measures are under the control of Choc-An Inc .. All your personal data is encrypted and secured by the SSL technology and indeed, implies non-reading during their transfer via the Internet. Information about your order including your name, address and credit card number should be readable on the Internet by anyone except Choc-An Inc. However, no method of Internet transmission or storage is 100% safe, but highly improved. We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. Choc-An Inc. reserves the right to transfer your personal information submitted to us in accordance with legal requirements.
Choc-An Inc. intends to protect the rights of its website or that of any other persons, sponsors, advertisers or suppliers.

Security and efficiency of the computer system:
When browsing online, you can check if you are in secure mode by making sure that the URL, the site address, starts with https: // and not http: //
The "padlock" icon in your browser should confirm that you are in secure mode.

We have made every effort to display the colors of our products that appear on the site as faithfully as possible. However, since the colors you see depend on your monitor, we can not guarantee that the display color of your monitor will be accurate.